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Kim Dahlin
Phone: 530-888-9217

The Happiest Havanese in the World!

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Our Pure Bred Havanese Puppies are raised in our home

havanese puppies for sale

Beautiful Havanese Puppies

And as always, remember: We only breed the Havanese puppies with the small bodies and the baby-doll faces and we don't advertise our puppies in the newspaper.

If you are interested in a pure bred Havanese puppy don't hesitate to call or email because they are almost always spoken for long before they are ready for their new homes. Sometimes we have second time buyers just waiting for our new litter so they can have first pick of the litter.

Your search for a Havanese Puppy is an important one. You will learn many things about the Havanese breed but almost as important are the things you will learn about the breeders.

Interested in one of our Havanese Puppies?

Our whole family is involved in the Havanese. What does this mean to you?

  1. A variety of puppies
  2. Socialized puppies from all of us
  3. Photos about every two weeks

When you see photos of a puppy that you fall in love with, let us know as soon as possible. If we don't have the color that you are looking for chances are that our son or my sisters do. Our puppies don't last long and you don't want to miss out on that special little havanese puppy.

I Love my Havanese Puppyhavanese puppy kissing his friend in california

Our Havanese Puppies are all AKC Certified

All our Havanese puppies come with AKC pure bred havanese puppies papers, a full health exam, up to-date on puppy shots, dewormed at least twice and the beginnings of crate training. I provide phone or face to face consultation to give you complete information on how best to care for your puppy and answer your questions.

You are not committed to a specific puppy until you come and meet your puppy face-to-face. You drive or fly in to pick your havanese puppy and fly home with your havanese puppy in the cabin of the airplane.

I'll forward you photos of our beautiful Havanese Puppy. We invite you into our home to pick up your new havanese puppy.

havanese puppies for sale

Summer Fun with a Havanese Puppy


three havanese puppies in a yerf dog wagon

Three Cream / White Havanese Puppies in a Wagon

Why Our Havanese Puppies?

My husband, Dr. James Dahlin, and I became interested in Havanese puppies because one of our sons suffered from allergies. He was allergic to nearly all the pets we could find...except for the Havanese breed. These dogs don't have dander, and believe it or not they don't shed either! Our son now owns a couple Havanese and has an occasional litter. If we don't have what you are looking for, feel free to contact him. He is located in Utah.

Please browse our web site. When we have new puppies we don't always put their photos on our website, so please request photos of our latest puppies.

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