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We are one of very few U.S.D.A. Havanese Breeders in California.

Things we do to deliver to you the best Havanese Puppy For Sale In California:

  • We are Licensed and inspected yearly by the United States Department of Agriculture. Inspected by USDA.We love and socialize your puppy
  • We only Breed Pure Bred AKC Havanese Puppies
  • We also have our Veteriniarian to our home each year

We go through these efforts to make certain that you receive an AWESOME, HEALTHY and HAPPY addition to your family.


Havanese puppies for sale in california

This is one of our beautiful havanese puppies. She is a Chocolate. Notice her chocolate colored nose, a distinguishing characteristic among the chocolate havanese.

It is not easy to become licensed with the United States Department of Agriculture, but we did it. Now you know that we are a breeder that takes excelle care of our dogs and Havanese puppies.

We have been in love with the Havanese breed for more than 25 years. We have had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with some of the historical people who were instrumental in bringing the Havanese breed into popularity. As responsible breeders we health screen our dogs to certify that we are able to produce beautiful puppies with awesome temperament and health.

Our breeding strategies conform to the American Kennel Club (AKC) standard. 

We stand behind our reputation by putting our guarantees in writing for you and for your havanese puppy. You can rest assured that we will support you should any problems arise.
We fell in love with the havanese breed many years ago and we feel that you too will fall in love with our Havanese puppies too.  Our havanese puppies and dogs receive lots of love and affection in our home and are socialized well with our children.   Most people come to our home and pick up their puppy. For those too far away we are able to ship on passengers plan nearly anywhere in the United States.

Come to our home and pick up your new friend today.

Having said that, we want you to know that all our puppies come with AKC papers, a full health exam, the first package of puppy shots, have been dewormed twice, and we have begun crate training. I provide face to face or phone consultation to give you complete information on how best to care for and train your puppy. The parents of your puppy are AKC registered and are in excellent health. This means that you WILL receive AKC certified registration papers.

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