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Two Things That Must Be In Your Contract!


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Our Breeding Goals and Written Guarantee

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Anyone who breeds should take it very seriously. We do. We love these beautiful havanese puppies and strive to breed the perfect companion dog, combining beauty, temperament and health into a small affectionate and loyal package!  Our puppies are all health screened prior to breeding. This makes it possible for us to select the best possible matches with the goal of producing healthy havanese puppies that also conform to the American Kennel Club (AKC) standard.  Improving breed quality is always one of the goals in our breeding program. We stand behind our reputation by putting in writing our guarantee for your puppy’s health and genetics.

Contract 101:

What Should be in a Puppy Contract?

1. A HEALTH GUARANTEE. Any quality breeder will provide this for you.  Beware of life-time guarantees. They all say that the condition must be diagnosed within one year.  So they are really only one year guarantees.  Steer clear of those breeders who try and fool you.

2. A GENETIC GUARANTEE. Genetic guarantees generally will cover your puppy to one year of age for problems that develop due to genetics. Beware of breeders that give 'life-time' or 'five-year' guarantees. These contracts are misleading and always require the genetic defect to be diagnosed before one year of age.

Welcome to the Home of the Havanese

We feel you will fall in love with the Havanese breed as we have.  Our puppies and dogs receive lots of love and affection in our home and are socialized well with our children.   It is our desire to find a loving home for each of our Havanese puppies.  If you feel that you fit this mold, please contact us, we’d love to talk to you.





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