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White Havanese with Champagne highlights.

What does a Havanese puppy look like?

The Havanese is a small yet sturdy dog with an immense character. He is slightly longer than tall, and covered with a beautifully proud mantle of untrimmed long and silky hair. His tail is plumed and curls elagantly over his rump. His stride is proud and bouncy. A native of Cuba, he has evolved over the centuries from the pampered lap-dog of the aristocracy into what he is today - the perfect family pet of a both young and old alike.

Historically, his duties were that of a companion, watchdog, child’s playmate and herder of the family poultry flock!

History of the Havanese

The Havanese is considered a toy breed. Not overly large or coarse, yet not so fragile that he couldn't be a child's pet. His coat is unique and reflects centuries of living in the tropics. It protects him against heat in the summer, yet warms him in the winter. The hair is remarkably soft and light in texture, profuse without being harsh or woolly. Likewise, the furnishings of the head are believed to protect the eyes from the harsh tropical sun.

black and tan pied havanese puppy

Black-and-Tan or "Pied" Havanese puppy

Champagne Havanese Puppy

It's not just about what a Havanese puppy look like...It's about the Character of the Havanese puppy

In both structure and gait, the Havanese is unique and therefore not easily mistaken for any other breed. His characteristic topline rises slightly from his withers to his rump and is a result of moderate angulation both fore and aft combined with a typically shorter upper arm length. This results in a springy gait which is very cute and flashy yet not overbearing. When you see him walk or run you will notice his forward agility rather than his excessive ability to cover ground. These characteristics of temperament, structure and gait contribute to the character of his breed.

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